Me (Aimee): I’m a mama and wife who tries to squeeze in time to write and in general serve the creative gifts the Lord has allowed me to have.  I write this blog because I have to write.  I write because sometimes it’s like a prayer between me and God and I come out a little wiser and more peaceful at the end of it.  I write because I want to encourage others through this life of joy and pain.  On the good days I find abundant life right in the middle of all of it, in the moments when the eyes of my heart see past this world, to my true home waiting.

Take time today to create something.


Mr. Darcy-My graphic designer husband who watched documentaries for fun long before we became a homeschooling family and inspired us to start watching documentaries as a family for fun.  He’s the calm to my craziness and he’s the Dad that can watch all four children by himself for the weekend, clean the house, and make homemade pasta for dinner by the time I get home.


Mookie: Our theater loving, book reading, first born, 12 year old daughter.


Jelly Bean: Our live in the moment, bike-riding, roller-blading, future Picasso of the world, can’t stop running, 10 year old daughter.


The Boy: Our can’t stop kissing his mama, smiley, trying to survive his sisters, loving to help and be “boys” with Daddy, 8 year old son.


Squishy: Our sweet, with a heart breaking smile, and surrounded by a whole lot of love, wants to do it by herself, birdwatching, 4 year old daughter.


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  1. Aunt T November 2nd, 2009 11:47 am

    What a great family photo. We are so proud of all of you. Brag about you and your family all the time. Love the food blog, you are such a good writer.

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