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Last friday night we sat in the booth at Panera, just me, my husband and our four-year old, while the big kids were busy at parties and youth events.  The soup bowl lay empty, the dishes shoved aside, while we tried out a drawing game I’d recently seen in one of my new favorite art books for kids.

How to play:

  1. The first person draws a head and neck (animal, human, fantastical) while the other players look away.  The player folds down the paper until only the tip of the necklines are showing and passes the paper to the next player.

  2. The next player keeps the top section folded and draws the middle body section down to the waist while the others look away. The player folds the paper to cover the section, leaving only a tiny bit of the waist lines showing and passes the paper to the last player.

  3. Keeping the paper folded, the last player draws in the legs and feet and then turns the paper and then unfolds all of the sections for the big reveal.

This was a game full of fun surprises and our four-year old had no trouble keeping up!

If we had more than one pencil, we could have kept three papers rotating at one time, but we didn’t, so we finished one drawing before creating the next one.

This is an easy game to play while waiting in the car, around the table at a restaurant, or part of a family fun night.  If you have more than three players, you can start two or more teams.

Happy Art-ing,





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