Hibernation: A List Poem

I’ve spent 13 years in Tennessee.  The trade-off for the hill-topped horizon line and the simmering hues of the Autumn trees is Winter.  Darkness and despair at 4:30pm and days empty of anything but gray.  Rather than adjusting to it, I’ve grown more and more offended by it.  You can tell me that I need the gray season in order to appreciate the pomegranate and apricot colors come Fall-you could tell me that, but I would wait until Spring arrives because right now I might have an unpleasant reaction.

At the moment I’m contemplating migration or hibernation.  Neither of which were designed for humans.  I’m still entertaining the possibility. Hibernation seems tempting since it knocks out any reason for grocery lists or cleaning the house.

Human Hibernation: A List Poem
One incredibly, cozy down comforter
An Electric Blanket  (the color of a faded fireball just like the one I used as a child),
More Books,
An occasional peppermint hot chocolate (delivered, of course),
Children (optional, depending on their need to be fed and ability to remain cuddled).

There is still a little time left to decide.

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