Bring It On: The Journey to Find Our Summer Has Begun


Last year we seemed to misplace summer.

This year I’m itching all over for it.

Each summer has been encased in it’s own set of circumstances-pregnancies, babies, caring for an elderly parent-I’m still not sure exactly what I’m looking for this summer.  I have some fears about loneliness and an endless lack of shape to our day(which can end up as bored sibling fighting). But all the same-

Bring it on.

Good-bye to stacks of school curriculum and attempting to constantly motivate 4 small people, bring on the days of less mama-corrections and directions and more mama smiling and sitting on the floor.

Good-bye to structured learning, bring on the family summer bookstore and nature sketching with brand-new sketchbooks and pencils(shhh, don’t tell the kids).

Good-bye to heavy soups and flavorless grocery store produce, bring on the weekly csa box brimming with the ingredients for yet-to-be-discovered recipes, happy salads, and pasta with fresh tomatoes.

Good-bye “go on, you need some fresh air” says mama to the reluctant children, bring on strawberry(tart) kissed cheeks, bathings suits, and the smell of suntan lotion.

Good-bye predictable days, bring on days of adventure on land, on pool, on travel.

Good-bye limitations, bring on the possibilities.

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