In the Making Of

I haven’t checked to see when I last posted something, my guess is that it’s been about a month.  It wasn’t a carefully considered decision, I just stopped writing.  And I haven’t once thought about sitting down to write a new post. Until this one.

Up until now this blog has been a place to work out my heart-thoughts into words and I usually find myself coming to peace with the inner turbulence inside as the words also find a pattern, a winding journey.  It’s also been a place to share joyful family moments and harrowing parenting perplexities. Often it’s just been a conversation between me and my friend. Calling me out a night or two a week to sit at starbucks to face the challenge of the blank screen, it’s been writing practice as well.

So why am I suddenly without a drop of compulsion to grab a tea latte and hen and peck out the making of my abundant life?

I find that blogging, for all of the many things I said above, also splits me in the moment of living my life. My brain registers, “This would be a good topic for my blog” and therein blog lines take shape in my head, even as I’m still in the making of. Right now I need to stay in it.  Instead of moving so quickly to the process and production stage that blogging moves me toward.  And finally, I need to stay in my house, instead of outside of it, writing about it. There’s too much happening in that 7-9 hour that I don’t want to miss right now.

I can call it a season.  It might be two weeks.  It might be 6 months.  This might be my last blog post.

Whether you write about your life on a blog, or follow other people’s lives in your reader, take the time to feel your life-the joy, the pain, the reasons to praise, the blessings filling up your arms and bouncing on you when you try to rest, and all that’s in between.  It’s all happening now.  Words, even very well-written ones, are still second hand knowledge to the real thing. Both are gifts that I treasure.


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