The Kind of Gift that Gives Twice

Hand made presents were hands down the treat at our house.  The day before christmas each of the girls seperately mentioned how they felt about making and giving their presents.

Jellybean said, “I love to see people smile when they open presents I’ve made, it’s better than getting presents.”

Mookie said, “I’m more excited about giving presents than what I’m getting.”

I can’t take any credit for these sweet sentiments.  Too busy this month to make presents for each of them, I stayed up half the night on Christmas Eve making each of them gifts because I knew how hard they had worked on mine. THEIR hearts inspired mine.

Mookie made me a beautiful set of handmade christmas cards and Jellybean wrote me a book of poems.  You can bet I was glad that I’d stayed up until almost 4 that morning putting together their gifts, it was worth it to see the smile on their faces.

As a Christmas Day gift, I now present to you two selections from my new poetry book.

I can’t take any credit for how awesome her poems are either, even though I’m the teacher.  Her rhythm and imagination are all her own, they always has been.

Moms, OR Mine
by Jellybean, age 8

Moms are prity neat
but mine’s really hard to beat.
She baked six batches of cookies
in less than a month.
Moms(or atleast mine)
think we’re as noisy as a rock n roll band!
Their REALLY cool!
(If she ever goes away,
She will come back real soon.)


Animal Speech,
from an animal’s point of view
by Jelllybean, Age 8

People are big
I think they wear wigs.
They are very scary
(O and my name’s Larry)
They shoot the big things
and when they hit you your dead
and the bullits are made
of stuff called lead.
So run or else your done,
really RUN!

May you have a joyful celebration, and be filled with hope this day.



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  1. Amy December 26th, 2010 11:34 pm

    How adorable! Both poems are priceless. Thanks for sharing her.

  2. Mary Kay December 28th, 2010 9:26 pm

    Both poems are so sweet! I love her creativity!

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