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The subject of homeschooling can really stir the hornet’s nest when it pops up in conversation.  The homeschool moms, understandably, have chosen their path for very specfic reasons and are living them out daily with a heavy dose of blessing and trial and they are going to talk about it with passion.  The public and private schools moms, their own reasons and journey firmly planted, are immediately put on defense and feel called in to defend their own very personal choice for their children, and stand up for their mama-hood. All in all, despite my usual stance of “this is what’s good for us, but it’s a choice for each family” I’ve experienced a few stings and been tempted, out of exasperation, to give a few myself.

We can talk about the hot topics-socialization, education of the teachers versus parents, moral and spiritual foundations, but I only find myself getting really worked up when I feel that homeschooling is attacked because it’s a deviation from generation upon generation of “this is how we do it”.  New=makes people uncomfortable= bad.  Most of my friends have considered and researched(much more than more myself I might add) the choices available for their child’s education.  They’ve prayed and discussed, finalized their stand, and walked forward with it.  But there is the group that seems to go with public or private because it’s what’s done.

I watched a video today that I had to bring to my blog.  Set aside the opposing teams and listen. It’s a video to make you think.  And it’s for you, the homeschool mom, to consider carefully your purpose and methods for the precious time you have with your children.  And it’s for you, public and private school mom, so that you can consider what you hope your child will gain from the 13 or so years in the school system. How are you going to fight for that education model to help your children and their friends become more of who they are supposed to be, find their passions and talents, which will carry them through life not just through the successful admission into a college.  Whether you are at home or at school, do you feel like it’s a daily fight for your child to have the freedom to be him or herself, are they not fitting into your mold or the school system’s mold?  Maybe the mold needs to be broken and refitted for each individual child.  This is not a homeschool speaker encouraging people to homeschool.  It’s a well-educated, out of the box visionary, asking all of us not to accept the “always done it that way” just because it’s easier.  A change in our education goals is necessary across all gaps.

If you have 17 minutes, grab some coffee and a seat.

Click over to this blog to find the video.

You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comments, but please keep respect and kindness in mind.  I’m not hoping to change minds, just to engage them.

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