Our Family Travels to Narnia

I thought if I ever visited Narnia, I would be on the lookout for Aslan, having tea with Mr Tumnus, and taking sewing lessons from Mrs. Beaver.  But when I finally got there, I had to turn my back on Aslan and follow the White Witch.  What else is a mom to do when her daughter is an ogre in the witch’s army?  Become a fan!

This week Mookie went to drama camp.  This girl has been directing plays and making props since she was two(okay maybe younger), but I have to say it was exciting to see that after spending time doing improv games and acting out scenes, she still loves it.  At the end of the week, she had her first ever stage performance in The Lion, the Witch, and Wardrobe.

So we got a little excited for her.  And donned some appropriate clothing for the big night.


We made these shirts the night before the show, at around 11pm .  Mr. Darcy was sick with a cold and sounded like Darth Vader, and still he not only came up with a slogan about ogre underpants, but actually put it on his shirt to wear out in public. It was hands down the family favorite.  Now that’s a father’s true love.

The next day some friends came over to help micah transform into her ogre-ness. She’s never had anyone take the time to work out a hairstyle, paint her nails, and do her make-up.  What a day.



Even mom and sister got a tattoo.


A defeated night for the witch’s army, a victory for Mookie-she’ll always remember her first play.


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  1. Nana K (aka MOM) August 2nd, 2009 12:39 am

    Thanks for transporting me to Mookie’s performance (and the family’s!) through your amazing writing!

  2. Shannon August 3rd, 2009 5:20 pm

    She’s the cutest ogre I’ve ever seen. I loved the t-shirts… I might have to steal this idea at some point. :-)

  3. Amy August 5th, 2009 6:36 am

    you guys are awesome!! What a wonderful family. I miss you so much!! I’m so proud of Mookie. I wish I could have seen her performance and donned an ogre-loving tee as well!

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