Small Space with a Big Purpose

We live in a 3 bedroom house.  We are expecting baby #4.  And we have a whole room for homeschooling.  You do the math and it doesn’t seem to add up to just the right amount of space for our growing family.

But I’m just not convinced that bigger(and more for me to clean and maintain) is better.  Our culture certainly says that every child needs their own room, not to mention that great media room, a guest room, etc.

But after a mad rush to re-arrange and accommodate the coming arrival of our sweet baby girl, I’m amazed at how satisfied I am with our space.  

Over the next few days(if I’m not too tired or busy having a baby) I’m going to post pictures of what we’ve been doing to make every space functional!  

Since it’s 6am and I am tired, here’s just a small idea of something that helped in our school room.

I struggled with the question that all moms with kids in school(home or public) battles with-what to do with all of their artwork!

First we hang in their gallery here:(this isn’t my favorite idea, but convenient for now-I’d like them each to have their own attractive gallery on the walls with frames)


Then as they put up more artwork, they would transfer their older works to these shelves.  Well, the shelves we always overflowing and messy(since their math and copywork went here too).


So we took an idea from this great book 



and made art portfolios for this year.


Simply take two large posterboards and attach 3 sides with duct tape or packaging tape.  Let your child decorate his portfolio.  And voila, now you have a compact storage space, marked with the year.  At the end of the year I plan on going through each portfolio with the child and selecting their favorite works to hold onto for the long run.

Now their artwork moves from a display on the wall to their portfolio.

Note: With our 3 year old, who doesn’t produce quite as much art work, we made a smaller version with smaller sized sheets of posterboard.

Check back for ideas on closet and toy organization.

Next on the list, sleep!

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  1. Julie February 13th, 2009 12:24 pm

    I am so with you! Our 3rd child sleeps in our bedroom closet and for some, you would think that was grounds to call social services on us!

    I claimed 2009 as my year to become uber organized and am on my way to doing just that with s revamped and re-purposed laundry room that will hold all of our homeschooling supplies.

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting your organization solutions!

    And there’s something about an imminent addition of a new family member that lights a fire under you to do just that, isn’t there?

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